2021 Conference

EPTA Conference 2021

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Pentecostal Ministries: Cultures, Genders, and Roles


The online conference will run from the morning of Tuesday 6th July to the evening of Wednesday 7th July (Central European Time).


The theme of the conference is ‘Pentecostal Ministries: Cultures, Genders, and Roles.’ The conference explores the diversities, promises, and challenges of Pentecostal ministries with emphasis on the place of cultures, nationalities, and languages, concerns of gender in Pentecostal churches, leadership, and theology, as well as the various identities and roles of Pentecostal ministries worldwide. Academic papers will be presented and discussions will be held on various aspects of this topic.


All members of EPTA are encouraged to attend. As ever, others interested in the work of EPTA are warmly welcomed, especially research students. Pastors and others involved in church life on a day-to-day basis will find much of interest in this academic conference.

Online ‘Venue’

The online conference will be hosted on the EPTA website and all sessions will be held on Zoom. Access to the password protected conference page and Zoom sessions will be provided to registered attendees.


Registration is done through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/epta-2021-online-conference-tickets-150188524921

The registration fees are:

  1. General Admission: €40
  2. EPTA Members: €30
  3. Students (includes EPTA student members): €20


Central European TimeTuesday 6th July
9:00-9:20  Morning Devotions
9:30-10:30  Welcome  

Plenary 1  

Wolfgang Vondey, ‘The Future of Pentecostal Ministries: Ideological, Historical, and Institutional Challenges of a Global Tradition’  
10:30-11:00(Virtual) Coffee – An opportunity for networking and catching up with friends
11:00-12:00Parallel Sessions  

i. Patrice McDonald, ‘Pentecostalism: A Democratising, Liberating Force for Black Women?’ & Dony Donev, ‘Anna Ladd Bartleman and the Formation of Azusa Revival Missions and Ministry Paradigm’  

ii. Rachel Ager, ‘Pentecostalism: Ministries of Healing or a Culture that Exacerbates Suffering?’ & Charlotte Johnson, ‘An Exploration of Bereavement Experiences Supported by Pastoral Care Leadership in a Pentecostal Setting in the Church of God in the United Kingdom’  
12:10-12:40  Parallel Sessions  

i. Raymond Pfister, ‘Brexit Means Brexit? European Nationalism as a Challenge for Pentecostal Ministries in a Multicultural Society’  

ii. Erwin Samuel Henderson, ‘Apostolicity as Divine Attribute in Trinitarian Relationship’  
12:40-13:30Lunch Break
  13:30-14:30Roundtable Discussion

Celebrating 40 Years of JEPTA and Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future of Pentecostal Theology. Contributions from David Bundy, Jean-Daniel Plüss, William Kay, and Wolfgang Vondey.  
14:45-15:45  Plenary 2  

Malcolm J. Duncan, ‘Public Spires in the Public Square? The Pastor as a Public Witness’
16:00-17:00Parallel Sessions 

i. Geoffrey Butler, ‘Calvin’s Sacramental Theology: A Fresh Paradigm for a Pentecostal View of Water Baptism?’ & John Onelum, ‘Towards Liberating the Eucharist in the West: An Experiment in Chastened Defamiliarization’

ii. Allan Varghese, ‘Songs as Pentecostal Theologizing: Annamma Mammen’s Contribution in Shaping the Kerala Pentecostal Imagination’ & Cornelis van der Laan, ‘Love Knows No Sacrifice: Margaretha Alt and Indonesian Pentecostalism’  
17:15-18:15  Plenary 3  

Carol Tomlin, ‘Sermon Texts in Contexts: Exploring Factors for Divergence in the Preaching of Second Generation African Caribbean Pentecostals from their Windrush Forebears’  
18:30-19:30Share, Care and Prayer
Central European TimeWednesday 7th July
9:00-9:20  Morning Devotions
9:30-10:30  Plenary 4  

Tania Harris, ‘A Practical Theological Analysis of Pentecostal Cultures that Facilitate Revelatory Experiences’
10:30-11:00(Virtual) Coffee – An opportunity for networking and catching up with friends
  11:00-12:00Parallel Sessions  

i. Nomatter Sande, ‘Re-reading Paul’s Missional Strategies in 1 Corinthians 9:20-23 for African Diaspora Pentecostals’ & Caleb Nyanni, ‘Cultural and Leadership Shift: Next Generation Leaders of African Diaspora Churches’  

ii. Eunhee Wang, ‘The Holistic Holy Spirit Movement that Combines both Socio-Prophetic and Charismatic-Pious Elements in the Context of Korea’ & Vee J.D-Davidson, ‘Engaging with Cultural Factors that Have the Potential to Limit Spiritual Formation in Pentecostal Seminary Training and Associated Cross-Cultural Ministry’  
12:10-12:40  Parallel Sessions
i. E. T. Mapfumo. ‘The Quest for the Black Madonna in White Majority Traditional Churches’  

ii. Marius Nel, ‘Again, the LGBTIQ+ Issue, the Hebrew Bible and Ministry, This Time from a Pentecostal Hermeneutical Awareness’  
12:40-13:30Lunch Break
  13:30-14:30Roundtable Discussion

Spiritual Formation and Ministerial Training in Pentecostal Theological Education in an Online World. Contributions from Alison Atkinson, Barry Saylor, Daniel Akhazemea, and Ulrik Josefsson.     
14:45-15:45EPTA AGM
16:00-17:00Plenary 5  

Jonathan Black, ‘Towards a Pentecostal Theology of Ordination’
17:15-17:45  Parallel Sessions  

i. Faith Van Horne, ‘A Pentecostal-Feminist Approach to Atonement for Survivors of Sexual Abuse’  

ii. Joseph Dutko, ’Eschatology: Enemy of Gender Equality?’  
18:00-19:00Plenary 6  

William Atkinson, ‘How Male is Your God? Divine ‘Gender’ and Gendered Roles among Pentecostals’
Concluding Words