2017 Conference

2017 EPTA Conference held at Regents Theological College, Malvern, UK

 What on Earth has Pentecost to do with the Church?

 This three-day conference was personally refreshing and deeply rewarding, both academically and in terms of networking. Academic papers and debate were interspersed with times of fellowship and prayer. As ever, there was a free afternoon for outings, and the weather was superb! Residential and day visitors joined together in making this the largest EPTA conference for several years. In particular, it was lovely to welcome as our guests a number of students of Regents Theological College. 


The theme of the conference was ‘What on earth has Pentecost to do with the Church?  Developments in Pentecostal Ecclesiology’. Academic papers were presented and debates held on church life, including its leadership and governance, and on church planting.

Something that delegates were sure to have taken away from the conference was a practical question: what am I, and what is the seminary or college where I learn or work, doing to make sure that church planting is taken seriously? Is church planting on the curriculum? Is it in our minds? Does it gain our attention?

Regents Theological College

Group photo